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Analytical Services Documentation

These pages contain documentation and examples for AGIs Analytical Services.


We have getting started videos available on our information page here: See these if you are unsure of how to use an API service.

For technical support, contact the AGI support team


Before you start

The base URL for these services is:

Base URL:

Append the Api Path for a service from the documentation below to the base URL above to call the service.

Prior to using these services you will need to acquire an API key from AGI. The API key is submitted on each call to the service using the 'u' query parameter. For example, to call the Sgp4 vehicle path service, you'll need to format your service call like this:"

To obtain an API key, contact AGI through our service information page, or email us at, or call us at +1-610-981-8875.

Categories and Services

The input and response data fields are described here, along with input and response examples. Unless noted otherwise, all input data elements are required. Many of the services use the POST method because of the amount of data that's required to be submitted.

Sgp4 Orbit
Point to Point Route
Simple Flight Air Route
Great Arc Route
Takeoff and Landing Air Route
Raster Search Air Route
SDF Catalog Object Route
Weather Information
Sensor Field of Regard Access
Satellite Passes
Link Budget Analysis
Gps Satellite Outages
Gps Data Files
Gps Predicted Errors
Gps Assessed Errors
Gps Dilution of Precision (DOP)
Overflight Analysis
Regional Overflight
Airspace Analysis
Airspace Intersection by Route
Airspace Intersection by Point Flight
Select Airspaces
Determine if Point is in Airspace
Cesium Visualization
Satellite Orbits
Gps Orbits and Outage Information
Global Gps Accuracy
Airspace Volumes
Terrain Heights
Terrain Heights at a Site
Terrain Heights Along Routes
Solar Lighting
Solar Angles
Solar Transit
Population Density
Population Count
Other Information
Defining Output Settings
Defining Airspace Options
Finding STK Data Federate Object URIs
Declaring a site object
Catalog Object Sensor Orientation